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What is sci-fi A.K.A. science fiction ?

Science fiction, often called “sci-fi,” is a genre of fiction literature whose content is imaginative, but based in science. It relies heavily on scientific facts, theories, and principles as support for its settings, characters, themes, and plot-lines, which is what makes it different from fantasy.

One cannot distinguish between reality and sci-fi in this dawn of A.I. technology.

So, while the storylines and elements of science fiction stories are imaginary, they are usually possible according to science — or at least plausible.

So what’s the big deal about sci-fi ?

Other than building a smart program…

BioPandas for protein PDB data analysis

What is PDB?

PDB is a primary protein structure database. It is a crystallographic database for the three-dimensional structure of large biological molecules, such as proteins.

PDB file format

In the PDB data file format for macromolecular models, each atom is designated either ATOM or HETATM (which stands for hetero atom).

ATOM is reserved for atoms in standard residues of protein, DNA or RNA.

HETATM is applied to non-standard residues of protein, DNA or RNA, as well as atoms in other kinds of groups, such as carbohydrates, substrates, ligands, solvent, and metal ions.


Now computational biologists can analyze the PDB(Protein Data Bank) file…

Access Bioinformatics Databases with Biopython

One of the very common things that you need to do in bioinformatics is extract information from biological databases. It can be quite tedious to access these databases manually, especially if you have a lot of repetitive work to do.

Biopython attempts to save you time and energy by making some online databases available from Python scripts.

Currently, Biopython has code to extract information from NCBI, ENTREZ, PDB, KEGG databases. The each of these database can be accessed via modules (named after the databases), the code in these modules basically makes it easy to write python programs that interact with…

For those whose countries are NOT eligible for Medium Partner Program-a feature program to earn by writing on Medium.

Medium has a remarkable collection of writers, diverse voices, and publishers across domains, interests, and lifestyles. Top authors, leading experts, and emerging storytellers write on Medium daily. Medium partner program (MPP) is the enrollment program through which writers are paid for their articles depending upon the reception on their posts with the total number of views👁, claps👏 and responses✍️, etc.

Medium is only supporting payments through Stripe — a payment company. Since, the countries where Stripe is not operating currently, native writers from those countries can’t enroll in the program and hence can’t earn💲.

Partner Program Eligible Countries

However, authors might have writing as…

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein Modelling and Docking Studies.

The stages that follow the design or identification of a new drug are both costly and time-consuming. The entire process of drug development can take from 12 to 15 years and cost billions of dollars, but in-silico molecular docking studies have been seen to both speed up the discovery rate and reduce (although not eliminate!) the need for expensive lab work.

Hence molecular docking studies are very crucial in speeding up drug discovery and screening processes in times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to educate the mass about docking procedure I have created a simple course!


Setting up protein-drug docking environment on windows subsystem for Linux (WSL 2).

Protein-docking is a molecular modeling problem which aims to predict, with computer science algorithms and techniques, the mutual orientation and position of two molecules forming a complex. One of the molecules is a protein, the other could be another protein, a nucleic acid chain or a smaller molecule.

virtual screening is used to identify small molecules that are most likely to bind to a target protein. There is various software available for virtual screening including GOLD and GLIDE. Autodock Vina which is a freely accessible software and provides good results can also be used for screening various ligands.

AutoDock Vina…

Find a job that aligns with your skills and interests by web scraping.

With so many factors involved in making a career move, it’s hard to know where to start or know what decision is the right one (Also credits to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to have added the “extra” right before the word “confusion”).

I’m thinking about my next job.

Where do you think I should work next?

Which companies do you think are interesting?

I think it’s time for me to consider the next phase in my career.

I’ve heard the above statements a lot over the years. Even if you’re at the very beginning of your next-move exploration, you already…

RStudio server on Windows WSL2 which now supports GPU compute.

I present to you a super-easy guide for setting up and running RStudio Server for Ubuntu 20 on Windows 10. This is useful if you want to run R for Linux (e.g., due to its faster computation and better parallelization or simply to do cross-platform development) while on a Windows machine.

At Build 2020 Microsoft announced support for GPU compute on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. I mean How cool is that?

This article explains how to set up RStudio Server on Windows platform.


Using the enhanced WSL (version 2)…

Add a little extra something to your CV and some great talking point in interviews.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased interest in online education and brought MOOCs back into the spotlight. As the outbreak continues to evolve, we need to update ourselves with the resources and skills to best reflect the changing context in order to have a competitive edge over our peers.

Online courses are a great way to boost your employment prospects: they add a little extra something to your CV and are a great talking point in interviews, as well as being a great way to spend…

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