Indian Authors can now earn from Medium in 2020

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The struggle has come to an end , for all the writers out there who have dug the deepest corners of the web in search for a way to make a living out of writing.

Yes, you can earn from blogging , Yes from Medium, Yes even if you are from India or Brazil.

Let me show you how; but before that let’s understand the current scenario :


  • Offers a preview mode for India, where you can create an account but with limited features with it’s own share of restrictions
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  • To join the Medium Partner Program and start earning revenue based on member engagement, Medium requires you to create a Stripe account and link your bank account or debit card.

Let’s see how we can tackle this issue..





Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empower businesses, online sellers and freelancers to grow their global commerce. More than 4 million customers, trust Payoneer to receive and manage their international payments.


Your own international bank details for getting paid by companies and marketplaces globally.

  • Link this Payoneer receiving accounts details (Bank name, Account number & Routing (ABA)) to your Stripe account
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Bank details erased


  • There is NO step 5 you’are DONE with the process, now what’s left to do is write & inspire & watch your bank balance grow.
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It’s time to hustle folks.

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