WSL 2 Docking Environment: PyMOL & AutoDock

Setting up protein-drug docking environment on windows subsystem for Linux (WSL 2).

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Getting started

Downloading the files

$ cd Downloads/$ wget$ wget
$ wget
$ sudo apt-get install libjpeg62:i386
$ sudo wget


$ cd Downloads$ tar xvf autodocksuite-4.2.6-x86_64Linux2.tar
$ cd x86_64Linux2$ sudo mv autodock4 /usr/local/bin$ sudo mv autogrid4 /usr/local/bin
$ cd Downloads$ tar xvzf mgltools_x86_64Linux2_1.5.6.tar.gz
$ cd mgltools_x86_64Linux2_1.5.6$ ./
$ cd Downloads/$ tar xvzf autodock_vina_1_1_2_linux_x86.tgz

Creating aliases

$ gedit ~/.bashrc
alias adt='sudo /home/username/Downloads/mgltools_x86_64Linux2_1.5.6/bin/adt'alias pmv='sudo /home/username/Downloads/mgltools_x86_64Linux2_1.5.6/bin/pmv'
$ source ~/.bashrc


$ sudo apt-get install autodock-vina

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